Obtaining tickets for Home games at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool

As part of the Membership, we have access to Home game tickets for the current/upcoming season.

We place orders at two particular times for tickets :

  • July - Ticket requests for matches from August to December need to be placed by early-July.
  • October - Ticket requests for matches from January to May need to be placed by October.


All tickets are based on the face value cost and there are no associated fees. Payment is due eight weeks prior to the matchday and is to be coordinated through LFC Seattle.

We do not guarantee that you will receive a ticket, as that will depend on availability, but last season we received all tickets per our requests!


To be eligible to purchase and use the LFCSeattle Anfield Ticket allocation, you will need:

  1. To be an OLSC 'LFCSeattle' member (join at http://lfcseattle.com/index.php/membership/join-lfcseattle).
  2. To be either a Full or Light Official LFC member (see http://www.liverpoolfc.com/membership/benefits-prices to join Official LFC Membership scheme).
  3. To have an Official LFC membership card that will be loaded with the ticket information. You will use this to gain access to the stadium.
  4. To live within the LFCSeattle OLSC ( i.e. WA state).
  5. Your payment successfully processed by Liverpool FC (see http://www.liverpoolfc.com/tickets/lfc-ticket-prices/premier-league-prices for expected prices per game category)

You will also need to make your own arrangements to travel to Liverpool, unless we have an organized Travel Event that you may join.


All requests for tickets will need to be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the deadline date shown below.



Requests to be submitted by 27th October 2016


01/21/2017 Swansea City 12:30pm
01/31/2017 Chelsea 8pm
02/11/2017 Tottenham 3pm
03/04/2017 Arsenal 3pm
04/12/2017 Burnley 4pm
04/01/2017 Everton 3pm
04/05/2017 Bournemouth 8pm
04/22/2017 Crystal Palace 3pm
05/06/2017 Southampton 3pm
05/21/2017 Middlesbrough 3pm


All dates and times are open to change due to being moved for TV. Please plan accordingly.

Our branch is eligible for up to six (6) tickets for ten total matches (five each half) and are limited to four Category A fixtures per season.



FAQ - Ticket Requests


Q: Does LFC Seattle have access to LFC match tickets?

A: Yes, as an officially recognized Supporters Club, LFC Seattle has access to home Premier League Matches each season. The number of games available varies by season and is determined by the LFC Seattle Committee prior to each season starting.

Q: How many matches does LFC Seattle have access to this season?

A: LFC Seattle have opted for the ability to get six (6) tickets to 10 matches across the season. This breaks down to five games in each half of the season.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what games can be requested?

A: All home matches are eligible for request though we only have access to four Category A fixtures (Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City) per season.

Q: Great, so I want to go to Anfield for a match, what do I need to do?

A: In order to be eligible for match tickets you must be a current season member of both LFC Seattle <insert hotlink. and Liverpool FC’s Official Membership <insert hotlink> program (either Light or Full).

The ticket request period varies by year, but is typically in late June and late October each year. Requests are on a first come, first served basis and are not guaranteed to be filled.

Q: When will I find out if my request was successful?

A: Again, this depends on when LFC open the requests to the Supporters Clubs, but we will find out prior to the Member sale, which is usually the first full week in July.

Q: Yay! My request was successful, so now what?

A: LFC Seattle will contact you directly with further instructions. Liverpool FC asks that payment be made eight weeks prior to the fixture date. LFC Seattle will send you a reminder with instructions on how to pay. Note: If you request matches in August, September or January, payment will be due a week or so after requests.

All tickets will be loaded onto the FanCard you receive in your welcome packet from Liverpool FC. It is imperative that you keep this card as getting it replaced on short notice can be difficult. Should you have any troubles please contact us ASAP.

Q: Do we get to select where we sit?

A: Unfortunately no, we don’t get a choice. Liverpool FC have a tickets set aside throughout the ground specifically for Official Supporters Clubs. We can put in a request once we’ve been confirmed, but there is no guarantee it will be honored.